Beach Destination: Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Ever since my first trip to the Middle East 4 year ago I've wanted to go back and visit, Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt. I find the contrast of crystal blue water on white sandy beaches against the vast desert landscape so beautiful and unique. I've also always wanted to dive the famous coral reef of the Red Sea, but first I guess I'd need to learn to dive before attempting this, lol, so in the meantime I'll make due with just snorkeling. How amazing would it be to swim in the second largest reef in the world among hundreds if not thousands of rare tropical fish, colorful coral, and exotic underwater sea life?

Bonnie Scotland: Top Five Edinburgh Attractions

You’d be hard pressed to find a city quite as beautiful as Edinburgh. From its cobbled streets to its beautiful architecture, you can easily lose yourself in the Scottish capital, admiring the prettiness of this picturesque city.

Thousands of people flock to Edinburgh every year to appreciate what it has to offer. From the vibrant cultural offerings, including the Fringe Festival and the Military Tattoo, to the history and heritage that oozes from its pores, you can guarantee to find plenty of things to fill your itinerary to make sure you head back home feeling enriched and uplifted.

Greek Escapes: Five Reasons to Visit

Whether it’s mainland Greece or one of her islands that you find appealing, there are plenty of reasons why booking your break to this phenomenal country would be worth your while. Not only are last minute deals with Direct Holidays affordable, but they will also give you a wide variety of choices to help your decision. From the historical sites in Athens and the mainland beaches of Halkidiki to the numerous Greek islands that all hold their own piece of Greek utopia, there is a Greek escape for everyone. Here are some great reasons to visit the area – a perfect spot for your summer 2014 holiday. 

Non-Stop Fun in Florida

If you're looking for package holidays that are all about non-stop fun, you can't go far wrong with Florida. Home to potentially the best family holiday you could ever have, this captivating corner of the world is alive with so many different things to see and do.

Top 5 Things to See in Istanbul

Istanbul offers an endless possibility of choices on what to see and do, but for the first-time traveler, there are a handful of things that just have to be checked off the list. Yes, they are 'touristy' but they are for a reason and leaving the country without experiencing these following five things would be downright blasphemous so to speak. Here are my top 5 things to see in Istanbul, chock full of alluring artistry and design genius.

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